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DAFOS Photography

Brussels-based Photography services for:

  • Social, family or corporate events
  • Portraits or "headshots"
  • Tutorials
  • ...

Alle diensten eveneens beschikbaar in het Nederlands. Tous les services sont aussi disponibles en Fran├žais.

DAFOS Services

As a native English speaker, DAFOS can offer various complementary text preparation/correction services including:

  • Document preparation / copywriting in English
  • Correction and development of exhibition documents, artists' statements, ...
  • Improvement of articles or other items
  • Correction of translations from Dutch or French into English
  • Targeting starting businesses or artists, help with first steps on the Internet
  • ...
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    Social, Corporate or Public events

    Photo-reportages of:

    • social events
    • private parties
    • corporate events
    • other on-location work

    Portfolios of past work below.

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    For your business web-site, family or just for fun...

    Portraits for:

    • individuals
    • family groups
    • businesses (individuals or office "head shots")
    • the comfort of your own home or office location!

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    For home, office, or - anywhere!

    DAFOS has an extensive catalogue of "print to order" images. See some examples in the Portfolio galleries.

    For an original touch, DAFOS can take photographs on-site too. Great for capturing memories or documenting your beautiful interior or home.

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    For the most beautiful prints and books

    Whether for an exhibition or for decoration in your home, DAFOS can prepare your digital files, using professional software for making the most beautiful possible prints, books or other items.

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    Get more out of your photos!

    Short, introductory lessons for even more fun

    • Get the most out of your compact - or smartphone camera
    • Learn some simple tricks for more 'wow'
    • Interactive - ask away!
    • Typically 2 to 3 hour sessions, evening or weekend.
    • Modular:
      • "Taking Prettier Pictures", "Intermediate"
      • "Portraits", "Outdoor"
      • "Getting the best of Flash"
    • Ideal for groups of up to 10 people
    • Companies or social clubs: Special rates for larger groups or customised tutorials
    • Special discount for members of Viewfinders
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    DAFOS is Alun Foster, a long-time resident of Brussels, Belgium. Originally from the UK, I have been involved in photography for many years working as a freelance photographer until 2010. I now maintain photographic activities in a more laid-back mode, in parallel with a day-job in Communications.



    You can rely on me for:

    • Photo-reportages of Social, Corporate or Private events
    • Portraits for corporate publications or just for fun
    • Prints, for decoration, home or businesses
    • Preparation of digital photos for making prints, etc...
    • Tutorials, as introduction to full-blown workshops
    • Copywriting or proofreading / correction of various documents (articles, press items, ...) in English

    I am also involved with "Viewfinders", an international photography club in Brussels, promoting social integration and understanding though a shared interest in the photographic image.

    To follow my other photography activities, also check out:

    VIEWFINDERS Photography Club

    VIEWFINDERS Facebook Group

    I have started a blog! please don't laugh...