Unmounted prints

Photographic prints to mount as you please

Printed mat or gloss using archival quality paper, to assure long life and excellent resistance to fading.

Prints are made using photographic laser transfer or ink-jet technology, according to the size ordered.

DAFOS works with leading print laboratories, to assure that the best quality is delivered.

Di-bond mounting

Frameless mounting with a modern appeal

With Di-bond mounting, the photographic print (matt or gloss finish) is fixed to a composite aluminium/plastic "triplex" panel, which is both light and very rigid.

A protective coating is added to counter the aging effects of UV light, assuring lasting quality.

Perspex - Diasec

Extra depth and richness

The patented Diasec process assures beautiful, long-lasting prints.

The image is first printed onto photographic paper, which is then chemically fused to the surface of the Perpsex glass, embedding the image into the glass. A second panel is placed behind the image to protect the back.

Diasec results in artwork with amazing clarity and depth, in Black and White and especailly in colour images.

DAFOS works with leading laboratories who specialise in this technique, assuring that the best quality is delivered.

Chromaluxe ™

Chromaluxe™ - Beautiful artwork with real class

Chromaluxe is something completely different which gives a beautiful deep gloss or mat finish, on a surface that is all but indestructable.

The image is first printed in reverse onto a special transfer paper using thermally sensitive pigments. This print is then pressed onto the coated surface of an aluminium panel under high temperature and pressure: the image is sublimated into surface coating.

The paper is them removed, revealing a print with unsurpassed depth and clarity, with a diamond-hard surface. Though high-gloss is the most common finish, mat finish is also possible.


Size Code Aprox. Dimensions (cm) Print Only Di-bond Diasec Chromaluxe ™
Rectangular Square
A30 x 4538 x 3825195200185
B40 x 6050 x 5035230250200
C50 x 7560 x 6045300320300
D60 x 9075 x 7560320380380
E70 x 10585 x 8575400460490
F80 x 120100 x 10095450560595
G90 x 135110 x 110120550680740
H100 x 150125 x 125150650800875

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